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10 Best Windows Apps For The Year 2021

If you use a Windows PC, you might have discovered a wide range of apps to improve your experience and boost your computer’s performance.

But because there are so many categories and apps available, you may have a hard time finding the best apps for your specific needs.

However, choosing the appropriate applications isn’t always easy, but don’t fret guys here we are to help! These are some of the best-handpicked software & apps for Windows 10 that you can use to increase your productivity, from best virus protection to fun photo editing – these are the best of the bunch!

Adobe Photoshop Express. - Photo Editing Software

While you may have to pay for access to Adobe’s full suite, there is a free version of Photoshop available for Windows 10.

The aptly titled Express gives you limited access to Photoshop’s photo-editing tools, however, allowing for plenty of customized work. It’s a very useful tool if you’re familiar with Photoshop and want to work on some images, but don’t need or want access to the application’s full feature set. Keep in mind that you’ll need an Adobe ID login to make this app work.

VLC Media Player: Video Player

You saw this coming, right? Talking about the best video player for PC and not mentioning the monarch isn’t possible. VLC Media player, the most popular HD video player comes with tons of mind-blowing features & functionalities.

In fact, it doesn’t need any introduction, as probably it’s one of the most common windows media player that must be already installed on most of the systems. Being one of the best video players in the market, it offers to play files, discs, devices, webcams, streams and all the popular codecs.

VLC Media Player is another best PC software that is completely free of cost and runs on all the popular platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Android, and iOS.

Enjoy movies, music to the core with VLC Media Player, another essential Windows 10 software!

LastPass: Password Manager

An ideal password keeper is the need of the hour. Remembering passwords for multiple accounts is definitely something we all want to avoid in our hectic lives.

Hence, Lastpass is one such Windows computer software, that frees you from a lot of effort & hassle to remember password for all your online accounts. It’s one of the best password management applications that comes with multi-layered security to shield your personal information.

It securely consolidates numerous passwords in a single location. All you need to do is scan your PC & it will automatically collect your stored login credentials & transfer all such sensitive information to a Secure Vault.

Now stop writing down your confidential information on sticky notes & download Lastpass to manage all your passwords, anywhere anytime!

Download Lastpass for best password protection! A must-have PC app for Windows 10!

Express VPN. - VPN For Windows 10 PC

ExpressVPN is a top-tier paid VPN service that will bolster privacy and security while navigating the online world.

There are more than 3,000 servers in more than 90 countries, ensuring you're protected no matter where you go. The Windows 10 app is free, though you will have to subscribe to a monthly plan.

WhatsApp: - Messaging Application for Windows 10

If you or your friends use WhatsApp, you deserve this clean desktop version that makes it easy to carry on multiple detailed chats at the same time.

The app also offers complete syncing so you can pick up conversations on any other device as needed, without worrying that the conversation isn’t updating properly.

PowerToys: - Utility tools for Windows 10

PowerToys is actually an eight-piece collection of utility tools that lets you do more with Windows 10. Pick colors for apps, create zoned windows layouts, preview files in File Explorer, resize images quickly and easily, change the layout of your keyboard, rename bulk batches of files, launch apps faster, and gain access to a Windows 10 shortcut guide.

There are also some experimental tools available, but the full release stuff is great on its own.

Netflix: - Over the Top Video Streaming {OTT}

Netflix has been turning out some pretty incredible original shows lately on top of its enormous collection of beloved movies and hit TV shows.

With the intuitive Windows 10 app, you get easy access to the entire lineup without opening a web browser. Way easier to binge this way. The app is free, but Netflix subscriptions start at about $9.

If your computer functions more as an entertainment box than one made for productivity, we suggest downloading the Netflix app so that you can quickly access it directly from your desktop.

And now that Netflix syncs across devices — if you start watching something on your computer, for example, you can finish on your Xbox One — these apps are even more versatile. Of course, if you aren’t a Netflix fan, then there are official apps for Hulu and other services as well.

Spotify: - Music Streaming Application

Spotify's app is free, and you can indeed enjoy some parts of the services without paying anything.

However, if you'd like to stream music ad-free and on-demand, if you'd like to listen offline, and if you prefer something with better quality, you'll want to look into a premium subscription for about $10 a month.

Logitech Webcam: Webcam Software For Windows PC

Reaching to an end of our list of Best Apps for Windows 10, with one of the most important utility that will help you to connect & see your loved ones in the easiest way possible, Logitech Webcam!

Treated as one of the biggest pioneer manufacturers of webcams, Logitech Webcam software bridges the gap between two hardware & creates simple yet easy-to-use recording experience. It supports a plethora of Logitech webcam models so that you can effectively connect with others using HD video & images.

With Logitech Webcam software you can easily adjust camera’s sensitivity & to detect motion.

Moreover, this webcam software has a surveillance mode which helps you in case you want to view the feeds of the home cameras. It’s compatible with Windows 10/8/8.1/7.

Install Logitech Webcam Software, a have to be Windows PC Software to get connected to your loved ones!

Microsoft Sticky Notes: - Sticky Notes App.. {Post-it Notes}

This app lets you create digital sticky notes as reminders, then place them on your desktop screen.

Of course, the latest version also comes with a few new tools as well, including the ability to pin your stickies to your Start screen, create notes with the Surface Pen, and connect notes to sites or documents for additional information.

You even can sync your Sticky Notes across your Windows devices, and view them on the web.

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