EncryptOnClick – FREE Military Grade File Encryption Software!

Updated: May 13

Since the rise in Pandemic, Everyone of us Working from Home, Encryption is Essential.. We just happen to know the best software for the job!

EncryptOnClick is like hiring your own highly experienced data security guard who ensures the files you want to keep safe and out of view from others, stay that way.


  1. A very secure encryption method is also used (256-bit AES encryption).

  2. Files are both compressed & encrypted, which results in a smaller file.

  3. Password protected.

  4. Will encrypt single files or all files in a folder.

  5. Option to encrypt filenames (SecureZip compatible).

  6. Very simple to use interface.

  7. Can be used on a USB key.

  8. Fully Unicode enabled so filenames in any language can be encrypted.

  9. Files can be opened and decrypted using WinZip 9 and later provided the correct password is used.

Once installed, EncryptOnClick is accessible from the context menu. When using Explorer or a file manager, simply right-click a file or folder to quickly encrypt or decrypt it.

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