FAQ! Did you buy an Apple iPhone to show off?

As per my opinion,

No, I bought it Purely for the ease of use and peace of mind.

I started from 2005 Nokia1100 to 2009 HTC touch and then 2012 Blacberry 9360 to 2015 iPhone 6s

Blackberry was amazing, but it went out of Business a few years after I bought the phone.

Over a period of time I realised that changing phones was a huge task and I was looking for a phone I would invest in for a long period of time. I mean if possible for 5 years minimum. My experience with HTC was very bad the touch screen lost sensitivity and I had to spend days and lot of money with service centre to get it repaired. I realised that spending money on spares was huge for almost all the Phone company’s and we cannot get away with it then at least have a phone where it either doesn’t get damaged or where it will be quickly repaired.

Also, today iPhone is the only Phone where Hardware and software are both made/assembled by one company, something that is not released or given much weightage, and irrespective of what the iOS are always supported for 4 or 5 years back hardwares as well. Have we ever heard that android in 2017 is supported for phones from 2013 ?

Over this period I have never seen many iPhone users complain even though a lot of my friends had iPhones then. And they all used it for 3 to 4 years without an issue.

Apple or iPhone has provided amazing ease of use to me. I do almost all the activities on my phone with ease, starting from Notes, Emails, Photos, and the most important with good security. Web surfing, Booking for travels, including flights tickets, hotel vouchers, etc.

Something that makes it so comfortable for me is that all the apps are very simple and to the point, even till today after 2 years of use I have various Hotel and flight bookings in my Wallet App No frills, No ads, No slowing down of system.

All my emails are consolidated in the native app, of iPhone, which is very easy to use. For me my iPhone works as both a personal phone yet giving me the Opportunity to take care of professional matters as well. It takes great photos, it has over time become an extension of me.

I never had the money to buy an iPhone over the years, but when I did I made sure the investment is worth it. Today I can spend my days without laptop and get almost all of my work done through phone, be it going through presentations, excel files, reply or meetings.

The Calendar app is amazing it syncs well with all my calendars be it official, outlook, gmail.

For all my daily needs I don’t have to look at even 1 app beyond what apple offers as pre installed. I am discounting the apps like what’s app and Facebook, but all the work personal or professional is catered by one phone and in least amount of effort. It gives me a lot of time to do anything and everything in life.This has bought my brother to buy an iPhone. A roommate of mine shifted from iPhone to android (Nexus) and after a year or two was very pissed off as he could not get the damaged screen repaired completely. He finally dumped his nexus and switched back to iPhone 6s+

Ofcourse when I bought it it was a huge wow factor with everyone in my office and home as well. Somehow I was very clear that to buy this phone I had to invest a substantial amount of my income so this better be worth more than just the wow factor. And trust me it is beyond that. my take is of you have a heavy usage of a phone and a lot of its features then iPhone makes sense.

But if your usage is Majorly for social networking sites, or Whatsapp and calls then over a period of time it might feel like you have over spent on it.

iPhone is packed as a phone with great ways to use it, if you can make use of most of the features you will be content.

Why You Guys Buy iPhone?

Hope This Helps!

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