FAQ! How Bowling Speed is Measured in Cricket? Hawk Eye or RADAR?

While Cricket Season is around the corner.. How Is the Bowling Speed Measured in Cricket?

Radar Gun:

Measuring the speed of the bowl by a radar is similar to measuring the speed of the moving car. This gun consists of both a receiver and a transmitter. The way it works is that it sends a radio wave that is reflected of by any object that is in the path. In this case it is a cricket ball. The gun gets this echo and then by using the principle of Doppler Shift, calculates the speed of the ball. There are few advantages of this technology:

Exact speed is determined with help of a radar gun as it catches the speed of the moving ball the way it is without any error.

It is instantaneous and records the speed immediately as the ball passes the radar gun. This is the reason that in any cricket match, as soon as the bowler balls the delivery, the speed is shown on the screen. The gun works efficiently and helps getting the exact possible speed of the bowl.

Advantages of using a radar gun:

1. Accurate speed measurement.

2. Instantaneous recording of speed as the ball passes the gun. Players can immediately see the speed on the screen.

3. Through the radar gun or speed gun accurate information is obtained of the ball speed as it measures the speed of the moving ball without any error.

4. As soon as the ball passes in front of the radar gun, it immediately records its speed. This is why in any cricket match, as soon as the bowler throws the ball, the details of his speed are shown on the screen.

This effect is readily observable as variation in the pitch of sound between a moving source and a stationary observer.

Drawbacks of a RADAR Gun:

When we try to determine the velocity of the target using a radar gun, the RADAR gun not only measures the velocity of the target but also other multiple objects this is because of side lobe. We use continuous-wave radar to make the guns easy to make them mobile.

This defect can be eliminated by using pulsated operated signals, where we can also calculate the distance of the target thereby coming to know which device we aimed at. We can narrow the field of view by increasing the frequency of the transmitted wave or by side lobe blanking method.

Note: Radar gun or speed gun technique was used to measure the speed of service of players in tennis whereas in cricket this technique was first used in 1999.

Hawk Eye:

Hawk eye is a perfect technique, because it calculates correctly even within the range of 5 millimeters. Due to which it has been chosen as an option for correct decision in various sports. Hawk eye is a technique that measures the speed of the ball as it is thrown. This technique was primarily designed to monitor the missile and for brain surgery.

Hawk eye is a computer system that is used officially in various sports like tennis, cricket, football and other sports. A person named Dr Paul Hawkins developed this technology in the UK. The system was initially implemented in the year 2001 for the measuring purposes in cricket. Hawk-Eye is not something that is infallible.

It is accurate within the 5 millimeters of its range and is usually considered and trusted as a tool to have a second opinion in the sports. Hawk eye is referred to as a technology that is used to measure the speed of ball as the way it is bowled. This technology was originally made for tracking the missile and brain surgery.

This technology gets the data from around six cameras. It then makes use of the data to track the ball path from the time the ball leaves the hand of the bowler until the time the ball goes dead. The technology then presents this information as 3D image. It clearly helps the viewer understand the direction and length at which the ball left the bowlers hand and headed towards the stumps. This also helps in deciding the LBW decision as it allows the 3rd umpire to see whether the ball was actually in the line of the stumps when it hit the pads of the batsman.

Advantages of this method are as follows:

1. Accurate speed of the ball as the clear direction is seen in the hawk eye.

2. The direction and the swing of the ball is also measured with this technology.

3. Clearly states the authenticity of the ball hitting the stumps.

4. It also makes sure that whether the delivery was legal or not.

Hope This Helps!

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