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FAQ! Macbook Air Keyboard And Trackpad Unresponsive!!

Some of you guys ask us this Question “I own a MacBook Air whose keyboard and trackpad are unresponsive and I am not covered under warranty. I really cannot afford a replacement. What do you suggest I do?” via mail, Hope This Solution Helps!

————You need a functional keyboard to make this work———–

1 Press Control-Fn-F7 (this enables all commands via the keyboard).

2 If the Updater application is on the screen, go to step 7. If the Updater application is not on the screen, continue to step 3.

3 Press Command-Tab to go to the Finder.

4 Press Command-Shift-U to open the the Utilities folder.

5 Use the arrow keys to navigate to “MacBook Trackpad Update” so it is highlighted.

6 Press Command-O to start the application.

7 The word “Update” should be highlighted in blue. If it is not, press the Tab key to highlight it.

8 Press the space bar to initiate the update.

9 Press Return to confirm OK.

10 Enter your administrator password, then press return.

11 Allow the update to finish. Do not unplug the computer, let it sleep, or interrupt the update while it is in progress.

12 The word “Updated” with a green checkmark appears in the progress box when the update is complete. The trackpad should now be functional.


Just order the new flexi cable and install it – 29- 45 bucks online and install it yourself. If you aren’t that technically minded, ask a friend who is friendly with a screw driver and they’ll have the issue resolved in an hour.

Don’t try anything else, the sticky note, the folded paper and the business card trick Just replace the cable and then get on with your lives.

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