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How to Fix "Gmail is Running Out of Space Issue"?

Google provides 15 GB of storage to its users, which is shared among Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive.

So for example, if you have 10GB photos uploaded on to Google servers, the space available to your Gmail is going to be 5GB. Now, if you are running out of storage for mails, one of the best way to free up some extra space by checking how much of it is being used by Google Drive and Photos.

Now, it depends on the users how they use this storage. But, when this limit exceeds, you’ll get an error message “Gmail Quota Exceeded.” And when you receive this error, you won’t be able to send or receive emails.

Now we have our inboxes full and there is no space for the new mails. Solutions? There are some and depending on what you choose can be either free or may cost you some money.

So, it’s important to manage your Gmail storage. Here are some ways that can help you manage Gmail storage.

Find and delete big emails--

In most cases, your emails are likely to be small. Like 50kb small. But over the period of time, you also accumulate big emails.

Like that time when your uncle in the Us sent you summer vacation pictures in three emails, each laden with images and with size of 25MB. The trick to reclaim space in the Gmail is to delete these emails. How do you do that?

Head over to and log in to your Google account.

In the Search bar, type “has:attachment larger:10M

This will bring up all emails with attachments of over 10MB in size.

Select emails you do not need and tap on the delete button.

Now head to the Trash and tap on the empty trash button to free up space in your account.

Now head over to the Spam folder from the left Navigation bar.

Now click on the ‘Delete all spam messages now, and then confirm.

Find old emails--

If you don't want old emails clogging your mailbox, just search for them. Again the trick is same. Go to the email search bar and type "older_than:1y" or something similar. Once you have the mails sorted, delete the ones that you want.

Use Gmail to Gmail Migration Method--

If all your Gmail messages are important and you don’t want to lose any of them, then you can migrate them to another account for free.

Click Here to know how: Gmail to Gmail Migration Method works..

Google Takeout Feature--

To clear some space from the Gmail storage, users can take help from the inbuilt Google Takeout feature to archive the Gmail emails to a specific file format and save it to the system drive location.

The necessary steps for this process are given below.

Go to this link Google Takeout and open it with your Gmail account sign-in credentials.

Now click on the Deselect all option to deselect the default selected options for backup.

Select the Mail checkbox and then click on the Next step.

Choose the backup frequency in the next step.

Continue with selecting the desired file type and size of the emails for backup. After this click on Create export.

The export process will be initiated. You need to wait for the completion as it will take time depending on the size of the emails in the Gmail account.


Once the export is completed, the data is ready to download to the system drive location. Click on the Download link to download the data and save it to the desired system drive location from the Downloads folder.

This manual method is effective for taking Gmail backup manually but the only limitation is non-flexibility in specific data backup, i.e. absence of filter options.

--Actually there was one more Method, But Since June 1st 2021 it’s no longer valid, Yup.. You Guessed that correct,

Since June 1st, 2021, Google Photos used to offer every one of its users unlimited cloud storage, but since that date, newly uploaded images will count towards the 15GB free allowance that comes with every Google account and once you reach that limit, you will need to pay for additional storage space.

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