Good News! Google Is Making Its Own Ad-Blocker For Chrome.

According to the recent reports from Wall Street Journal, some sources claimed that Google is right now preparing to build an ad-blocker. Google preparing an inbuilt ad blocker for Google Chrome which is really something surprising.

The industry group, which was founded last year, counts Google as one of its members.

“Testing of consumers for desktop web and mobile web reveals that consumers clearly differentiate between different types of ad experiences, producing overall rankings that identify the most and least preferred ad formats,” reads a report on the Coalition for Better Ads website.

“Annoyance and distraction were among the most important factors in determining whether an ad experience would fall beneath the threshold defined by a Better Ads Standard.”

Though Chrome is the world’s most popular browser, many web users prefer rival browsers, such as Edge, Safari and Firefox.

For mobile users, the Coalition for Better Ads says pop-up ads, prestitial ads (those that block the content you actually want to access by loading first), pages with more than 30 per cent ad density, flashing animations, poststitial ads that require a countdown to dismiss, full-screen rollover ads, large sticky ads and auto-playing videos with sound are “least preferred”.

The same reports from Wall Street Journal also say that Google chrome will block all ads on the website which shows offensive ads, making it the responsibility of the website owners to stick to the criteria.

According to the reports from StatCounter, Chrome ranks second in the browser market. So, if Google implements ad-filters in Chrome browser, than bigger control of the ad-blocking market may go into its hands.

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